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A brand new world of senses opened its doors in Mykonos

Mykonian Mare has become a 5* Boutique Hotel and along with the upgrade, a new sense oriented concept will elevate the Mykonian experience to the sky. Luxury lies in the satisfaction our guest’s senses, and in the details of effortless comfort and authenticity. Mykonian Mare Boutique Hotel is located in Agios Stefanos overlooking Mykonos Town, Delos and Tenos. The 38 luxurious suites are redesigned to offer an incomparable hospitality and let you relinquish yourself in a pampering environment.

5 senses

From this summer on, your senses become the center of our attention. We carefully selected every scent, material, sensation, view, and sound to create a realm of tranquillity for your stay in Mykonos. While the island offers a transforming experience of nightlife, cosmopolitan style, sandy beaches and Cycladic atmosphere, the Mykonian Mare Boutique Hotel is the heaven where you can relax, and indulge in the pleasure of being treated like royalty. The 5 senses concept, crafted by our hospitality experts pays attention to the elements that shape powerful emotions and satisfaction. Let’s have an overview of your next luxury holidays in Mykonos.


The former Locaya restaurant is now Aestio | Fine dining. Our new head chef Nikos Skordakis and F&B Manager, Thanos Tsiaras, promise you a dining experience similar to a ritual. The menu is designed to combine the aromas of the fresh herb garden of the hotel, Mediterranean delicacies and Hellenic signature ingredients that create a mouthful of excellence. You will see some of the dishes prepared in front of your eyes and others be finished with your own touch, making your 5* meal personal. While fine dining in Mykonos is going to the next level in Aestio, your tasting surprises do not cease there. A lunch menu is available to you without lifting your toes from the pool site while bringing the freshness of the Aegean sea right in your mouth.  Any taste is possible even if you wish to enjoy it in the comfort of your own suite or you desire to have your own recipe recreated by our chef. Taste is the number one factor of a memorable experience and you will not forget this one.


The Boutique Spa is a small world of sensations that will take your tension away. We have created an exclusive menu of therapies that you can enjoy either in our petite spa or your suite. Feeling your body relaxed is the center of the hotel design and most of the suites are featured with hammam, private pools or Jacuzzi, as well as fitness equipment for those who never stop taking care of their silhouette. We make sure that from the fine cotton linen to the products we use for our therapies, every sensation is unique and gentle to your skin. Let yourself succumb to relaxation and rethink your perception of luxury.

Smell, see and listen

The core of your Mykonian Mare stay are the stimulations you receive without even realizing. They are hidden in the scents you inhale, the sounds you hear and the treats for your eyes. Everything begins with the botanic garden with the most lovely herbs of Greece. Basil, oregano, levanter, thyme and many more will create a surrounding of aromas that embellish your stay. Every suite is featured with its signature aromatic herb, just to give you the scent of freshness everytime you touch it. We sealed Greek aromas in every bottle of body products and in every delight you taste, just to make your holidays on the island unique.

Every suite offers a view that will make the most iconic postcards of your summer. Front and side sea view from everywhere you stand in the hotel, magical sunsets that will take your breath away. Change your mood by selecting the lighting scenario in your suite. Different choices of light are part of the Mykonian Mare smartness project and allow you to create the atmosphere you most desire every moment. All these are lightly covered by the Mykonian Mare soundtrack, a unique selection of modern and classic music of Greek composers that surrounds the common areas of the hotel. You can enjoy some of these, while booking your trip to Mykonos, in our gallery section of the website.

Recreating the Mykonian Mare Boutique Hotel, was a process of best combining architectural and interior design, high-end services, and a new team of hospitality experts that will redefine the Mykonian Mare experience. We wish you a wonderful stay.